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Detail Factory – Detailing Brushes White / Yellow

  • Ultra-soft, scratch-free detail brushes from Detail Factory, safe for both interior and exterior use.
  • Made of soft synthetic fibers, 100% metal-free, even for delicate surfaces.Best solution for detailed cleaning with powerful
  • agitation.
  • Available in large format in white or yellow.
  • Safe for various cleaning tasks, with excellent agitation power.


At us, we always believe in a ‘never settle’ mentality and continually strive for improvement in everything we do. That’s why we upgraded our previous soft brushes to the Detail Factory brushes. Detail Factory’s quality and reputation are second to none, and we believe these brushes are by far the best on the market. If you haven’t tried them yet, now’s your chance!

These brushes are made from chemically resistant materials, so they are safe to get wet while washing the exterior, but also safe to use throughout the interior. However, don’t use the same brush for both tasks!

The ultra soft bristles are tightly packed, giving them excellent agitation power and never failing to get into those hard to reach areas. The textured handle provides an ergonomic profile and reduces hand fatigue during use.

These brushes have too many uses to list them all as they can be used in a wide range of areas covering the entire detailing process. From cleaning interior dust, vents and dashboards to door frames, wheels, plastic grilles and much more! The ultra soft synthetic bristles prevent scratches, making them even safe for use on painted surfaces. You can literally use these brushes for any task you can think of.

Individually made to the highest quality standards, this is an indispensable brush!

Brush dimensions:

Length including bristles: 25cm
Brush head dimensions: 5cm (l) x 5cm (w)

Maintenance instructions:

Rinse thoroughly with water after use.
Squeeze gently to remove excess water.
Hang the brush upside down to dry between uses.

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