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YUM Ceramic – Coating Spray

  • Contains advanced ceramic: ingredients for enhanced protection.
  • Suitable for various applications: and can be diluted as needed.
  • Suitable as a top layer: for existing ceramic coatings, wax or sealants
  • The product is recommended: to be applied according to the specific application method for the best results.


Yumcars Ceramic

The word ‘ceramic’ signifies that our formula contains active ceramic resins and polymers that are water-based, giving you full control over how the product reacts on the paint.


Yum Ceramic can also be used as a top coat product if you already have a ceramic coating, wax, or other protection.

Our water-based system can be diluted to a 1:1 ratio for more frequent use, such as a protective drying aid.

How long should I wait before applying Yum Wax on top of Yum Ceramic?
We recommend applying Yum Wax 12 hours after applying Yum Ceramic for optimal results.

Do I need to apply Yum Ceramic after every wash?
No, for subsequent washes, you can use Yum Detailer as a drying aid. Yum Ceramic provides longer-lasting protection.

How long does Yum Ceramic last?
On a perfectly prepared vehicle, it has a durability of more than 6 months. Yum Ceramic can be used as a standalone sealant or as a complement and extension of your existing protection. It is safe to use on both vehicles with ceramic coatings and vehicles without coatings.

In what order should I apply protective products?
The most durable protective product should always be applied first. So, in the order of our protective products, you should first apply Yum Ceramic, followed by Yum Wax, and then Yum Detailer.

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