Final Finish 3000


  • Removes holograms, swirls and light paint defects
  • Delivers a brilliant shine
  • Silicone-free for a clean finish
  • Suitable for manual, dual action and rotary polishers
  • Also suitable for large throw Dual Action machines


Menzerna Final Finish 3000 is the ultimate classic finishing polish from Menzerna, specially designed to remove holograms, swirls and other light paint defects. This versatile polish not only delivers a stunning shine, but is also silicone-free, meaning you get a clean finish.

Whether you prefer manual polishing, use a Dual Action polisher or have a rotary polisher, Final Finish 3000 is suitable for all three methods. Even the larger throw Dual Action machines, such as the Rupes polishers, can use this polish.

Compared to the Super Finish Plus, the Final Finish contains a similar polishing grit as the Super Finish Plus 3800, but with just that little bit extra to tackle the most subtle paint defects.

With Menzerna Final Finish 3000 you achieve that shiny, perfect finish that car enthusiasts dream of.

Additional information

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