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Fini Verde – Finishing Pad

Most important features:

  • Optimizes the Paint Finish: Ideal for perfecting the gloss and correcting minor paint defects.
  • Retains Shape during Use: The pad retains its shape during polishing for consistent results.
  • Center hole for air circulation: The center hole ensures better air circulation and less heat build-up.
  • Compatible with Various Machines: Can be used with all Dual-Action polishers, including those with larger strokes.


The Monello Fini Verde premium polishing pad is the perfect choice for optimizing the gloss and correcting minor paint defects. This pad is designed to perfect the gloss of the paint surface and remove light defects.

The carefully chosen design makes this polishing pad the right tool for the job. The trapezoid shape of the pad and the height of 20 mm ensure that it is less likely to deform during polishing. This allows you to achieve better results in less time.

This polishing pad has a center hole, which ensures better air circulation and less heat build-up during polishing. For optimal results, use the Fini Verde in combination with Monello Finale polishing paste. You can also use this pad to apply glaze or wax.

The Fini Verde polishing pad is suitable for all Dual-Action machines, including those with a larger stroke of 12 or 21 mm.

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75mm, 125mm