Gyeon Q²M Bug&Grime

  • Powerful formula for removing insects and road dirt: Efficient cleaning of stubborn dirt.
  • Easy to use: Spray, soak and rinse for easy application.
  • Safe for coatings and various surfaces: Does not damage coatings and other surfaces.


Gyeon Q²M Bug&Grime is the ultimate solution for removing stubborn insect remains and road dirt. With a capacity of 400 ml, this powerful formula provides effective cleaning, so you are ready for a safe and scratch-free wash.

Using Q²M Bug&Grime is simple and effective. Simply spray it on the contaminated surfaces, let it work for a while and then rinse it off with high pressure. This easy application makes it ideal for use in a laundry box, where you can clean quickly and efficiently.

The versatility of Gyeon Q²M Bug&Grime is evident from its safety for coatings and compatibility with various surfaces, including unpainted aluminum and chrome. With this insect and road grime remover you can confidently remove dirt and residue from your car without damaging your coatings or paint.

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400ml, 1000ml