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Gyeon Wetcoat Kit

  • Q²M WetCoat: A powerful spray-and-rinse sealant that provides effective protection against the elements.
  • Q²M Bathe+: The world’s first pH-neutral shampoo with SiO2 and leaves a long-lasting protective layer that repels moisture and dirt.
  • Q²M Smoothie: A durable, fully synthetic wash glove.

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Gyeon Wetcoat Kit consisting of three advanced products. The Gyeon Q²M WetCoat is a powerful spray-and-rinse sealant that quickly and effectively protects your vehicle against the elements, while improving the shine of the car paint. The innovative Gyeon Q²M Bathe+ is the world’s first pH-neutral shampoo with SiO2, which not only cleans thoroughly, but also leaves a long-lasting protective layer to repel moisture and dirt. Make your car detailing routine more efficient with the durable Gyeon Q²M Smoothie, a fully synthetic wash mitt that effectively removes dirt and lasts for years.

What’s in this kit?

1x Gyeon Q²M WetCoat 500ml:

  • Fast and effective protection with spray-and-rinse application.
  • Long-lasting hydrophobic formula against the elements.
  • Improves the gloss of car paint and simplifies the detailing routine.

1x Gyeon Q²M Bathe+ 500ml:

  • The world’s first pH-neutral shampoo with SiO2 for optimal cleaning.
  • Leaves a protective layer that powerfully repels moisture and dirt.
  • Extends the time between washes and maintains a long-lasting shine.

1x Gyeon Q²M Smoothie:

  • Fully synthetic wash mitt for safe and effective cleaning.
  • Microfiber bristles remove dirt from the surface and hold it firmly.
  • Durable design for years of use, easy to maintain.

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