Multi TR Mini 360°


  • Professional sprayer with a capacity of 500 ml.
  • 360° function for upside down use.
  • Convenient size division and color coded caps for product identification.
  • Adjustable spray head for mist or jet.

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The IK Multi TR Mini 360° is a professional sprayer that is suitable for a wide range of applications. This bottle is made of very sturdy HDPE material and has a wide bottom to provide stability, making the bottle less likely to tip over.

A unique feature of this sprayer is the 360° function, which allows the bottle to even be used upside down. This is ideal for hard-to-reach areas such as the inside of the windshield, the underside of the hood, wheel arches and more.

The bottle is semi-transparent, so you can easily see how much liquid is left in it. In addition, the bottle has a handy graduation per 50 ml and per 4 oz, which is perfect for diluting concentrate products. The contents of the bottle is 500 ml.

The IK Multi TR Mini 360° comes standard with a card with a red indicator on one side and a green one on the other. You can write the name of the product on this, so that you can immediately see which product is in the bottle. Optional sets are available with an extra combination of blue and yellow caps.

The included Canyon sprayer (CHS-3A) is chemically resistant to many different types of chemicals, fits well in the hand and lasts a long time. You can adjust the spray head between a fine mist and a fixed jet. In addition, the sprayer has a special end piece for more comfort while holding.

The Multi TR Mini 360° is suitable for pH-neutral products, (limited) diluted acids, alkaline products and alcohol-based products. It is important to rinse the sprayer thoroughly with water after use, especially with light use, as some products can crystallize when dry and clog the atomizer. Please note that the Multi TR Mini 360° is not suitable for tar removers; It is better to use the IK HC TR 1 for this.

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