HC TR 1 Trigger

Features of the iK HC TR 1 Sprayer Set:

  • The sprayers are resistant to solvents, acids and alkaline liquids.
  • They are designed for professional use, especially for wheel cleaners and degreasers.
  • Ideal when your trigger is worn, but your iK sprayer is still in good condition.
  • The set comes with 5 replacement sprayers.

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The iK Trigger HC TR 1 Set is a handy collection of 5 separate sprayers that are specially designed to replace the trigger of your iK HC TR 1 sprayer when it is worn out. This means you don’t have to immediately purchase a whole new iK sprayer.

This set of sprayers is ideal for anyone who is looking for replacement sprayers for their iK HC TR 1. By renewing the trigger of your iK sprayer with this set, your iK sprayer will always function optimally and you will maintain the best performance. The set comes in a handy box.

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5 sprayers


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