PF22.3 Foam Cannon

MTM Hydro PF22.3 Foam Cannon

  • Reliable foam cannon
  • Wide bottle opening: Easy filling, less spillage. Weighted suction tube: Consistent foam
  • High quality Italian partsAdjustable fan blades: Vertical and horizontal spraying
  • Two-stage nozzle: Adjust foam thickness
  • Efficient foam use



The new PF22.3 Wide Mouth Foam Cannon is now available in the UK! This reliable foam cannon from MTM Hydro offers excellent foam technology and an advanced design.

Most important features:

Wide bottle opening: For easy filling and less spillage.
Weighted suction tube: For consistent foam, active PSI or flow.
High Quality Internal Components: Made in Italy for durability.
Adjustable fan blades: Vertical and horizontal spraying.
Two-stage nozzle: Adjust the foam thickness with the air inlet knob.
Efficient foam use: Thicker foam with less product.


1. Add 100-150 ml of Yum Foam to the bottle.
2. Fill the bottle with water.
3. Attach to your pressure washer with one of the supplied fittings.

Contents of the package:

– Italian nickel plated brass gun body
– 32 oz wide mouth gray bottle
– 1/4″ x 9″ ceramic suction tube
– 3.5 opening (1.25 mm) pre-installed
– 3.0 opening (1.1 mm) included
– Instructions for use and maintenance manual
– Chosen appropriate from the drop down menu

The PF22.3 is supplied with a brass/plated steel 1/4″ plug, with built-in upgrades to Mosmatic mineral plugs from Karcher/Nilfisk fittings.

Enhance your cleaning experience with the MTM Hydro PF22.3 Foam Cannon!