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Yum Wax Kit

  • High-Quality Carnauba and Montan Wax Blends: Delivering a splendid waxing experience with top-tier ingredients.
  • Brilliant Shine: Enhanced with resin to achieve a sharp, glossy finish.
  • Yum Wax HexGrip Universally Applicable: Suitable for all types of paint finishes.
  • Comfortable Handle: Featuring an ergonomic handle for a comfortable waxing experience.
  • Uniform Coverage: Utilizes soft, flat foam for consistent application without streaks.

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What’s in the Yumcars Wax Kit?

  • Formulated with High-Quality Carnauba and Montan Wax Blends: Contains premium ingredients for a top-tier waxing experience.
  • Enriched with Resin for Sharp Clarity and Shine: Added resins provide a clear, glossy finish.
  • Easy to Use for a Premium Waxing Experience: Simple application for a first-class waxing result.
  • Suitable for All Paint Finishes: Versatile and compatible with all types of paint finishes.
  • Comfortable Grip: Our HexGrip features a full-size ergonomic handle at the top, ensuring comfortable use during vehicle waxing.
  • Uniform Coverage: The soft, flat surface of the foam ensures even coverage of the wax product. This means consistently great results, without any blotches or streaks.
  • Reusable Foam: The Yum Wax HexGrip is crafted from durable foam that can be reused time and time again. This makes it an environmentally friendly choice for your car care routine. Experience the best of Yum Wax with the Yum Wax HexGrip.

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