Pressol Household 750ml

  • World-class double-acting tractor.
  • Perfect for dosing and mixing products in style.
  • Durable HDPE material for storing all kinds of products.

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The Pressol 750ml mixing bottles are our favorite because of their easy-to-use design made from natural HDPE plastic, making it easy to see how much product is left.

Although the bottle itself is long lasting, the included triggers are consumables that can wear out with prolonged and intensive use. We recommend purchasing spare industrial triggers to extend their lifespan.

These Pressol bottles are ideal for lighter chemicals such as Yum Interior, Glass, Wheels, Detail Spray and Ceramic.

Bottle dimensions: Height: 31 cm, Base diameter: 10 cm

Difference between Pressol Household bottle and Pressol Industrial 750 ml bottle

The main difference is in the design, the trigger and the immersion tube. The Pressol Household bottles have a double-acting spray trigger, but the trigger head and tube are not suitable for strongly acidic or alkaline chemicals. For such applications we recommend the Pressol Industrial bottle. You may also consider combining a Pressol Household bottle with a separate 750ml Pressol Industrial Replacement Trigger.

Can I buy a 750 ml industrial trigger for the Pressol?

Yes, we also offer industrial triggers separately, perfectly suited for use with stronger chemicals in combination with the Pressol Household bottle.

Maintenance instructions

Rinse the squeegee thoroughly with water after each use to extend its life.