Multi Pro 2 Pump atomizer


  • Professional pump atomizer for versatile use.
  • Contents of 1500 ml with handy graduations.
  • Color coded caps for product identification.
  • Adjustable nozzle for mist or jet.

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The IK Multi Pro 2 is a professional pump atomizer that is suitable for various applications. This pump sprayer is designed with a sturdy construction of HDPE material and has a wide base for extra stability, making the bottle less likely to tip over.

The bottle has a capacity of 1500 ml and is semi-transparent, making it easy to see how full it is. In addition, the bottle is graduated per 250 ml, which is useful for measuring concentrate products, detailers and clay lubes.

The IK Multi Pro 2 comes with two color code caps (red and green) as standard to facilitate product identification. Optionally, sets are available with additional color caps in red, green, blue and yellow for further product differentiation.

The professional pump atomizer is chemically resistant to many chemicals and is suitable for pH-neutral products, acids and, to a limited extent, alcoholic products. The spray head of the atomizer is adjustable, so you can choose between a fine mist and a fixed jet, depending on your application.

It is important to always rinse the IK Multi Pro 2 with water after minor use, as some products can crystallize when dry and clog the atomizer. However, this atomizer is not suitable for alkaline products and tar removers.

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