Features and Benefits:

  • Cordless Freedom: With a powerful 10.8V battery, you have the freedom to polish anywhere without having to worry about cords or outlets. The wireless functionality makes the Flex PXE 80 10.8-EC extremely convenient and portable.
  • Rotary and Eccentric: This machine offers both rotary and eccentric polishing jobs, and you can easily switch between the two modes thanks to the tool-less quick-change system. Whether you want to remove coarse scratches or achieve a hologram-free finish, this machine can do it all.
  • Innovative Design: The Flex PXE 80 10.8-EC is designed for ease of use. The tool-less quick-change system makes replacing drive types effortless, and you can quickly go from pre-polishing to final finishing with the same machine.
  • Variable Speed ​​Control: Adjust the speed based on your needs and the type of polishing work you perform. The machine offers variable speed control for optimal control.
  • Perfect Results: Whether you are a professional or an avid car enthusiast, the Flex PXE 80 10.8-EC allows you to achieve professional results. You can correct gross defects, remove swirls and create a stunning shine on your vehicle.

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The Flex PXE 80 10.8-EC is an innovative cordless polisher that can handle both rotary and eccentric free-running polishing work. This machine is designed for detailers and car enthusiasts who strive for perfect results when polishing and waxing their vehicles.

With the Flex PXE 80 10.8-EC you have the perfect tool to make your vehicle shine. This smart cordless polisher offers flexibility, ease of use and impressive performance, helping you achieve a professional finish effortlessly. Add the Flex PXE 80 10.8-EC to your detailing arsenal and enjoy the benefits of this advanced polisher.

Scope of supply:

  • 1× DT-P (492396)
  • 1× DT-XF 3 (492418)
  • 1× DT-XF 12 (492426)
  • 1× BP-M/SR D30 (492388)
  • 1× BP-M D30 PXE (492353)
  • 1× BP-M D75 PXE (492361)
  • 2× AP 10.8/2.5 (418048)
  • 1× CA 10.8/18.0 230/CEE (417882)
  • 1× TK-L 136 (414085)
  • 1× TKE PXE 80 10.8-EC (473014)

Additional information



Battery voltage

10,8 V

Battery capacity

2,5 / 4,0 Ah

Max. polishing attachment size

80 mm

Max. backing pad size

75 mm

Polishing stroke

3 / 12 mm

Dimensions LxWxH

265 x 65 x 95 mm

Weight without battery pack

0,6 kg