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Q² SYNCRO EVO Light Box 30ml – Paint Coating

  • New and improved: EVO formulas
  • Topcoat coating: for every user
  • Exceptional durability: and water resistance

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Gyeon Q² SYNCRO EVO – Ultimate glass coating

Gyeon Q² SYNCRO EVO is the ultimate paint coating with improved durability. With just two coats instead of the usual three to four coats, your paintwork will get a darker and protective finish. This coating consists of Q² MOHS EVO and Q² SKIN EVO top coat for extreme hardness, durability and water and dirt repellency.

  • Extreme hardness: Q² MOHS EVO provides long-lasting protection against scratches and damage.
  • Impressive durability: Water repellency is retained for 12 months.
  • Minimal shrinkage: Retains its thickness after application.
  • Radiant Finish: Gives a deep, glossy look to your paint.
  • Q² SKIN EVO topcoat: Increases durability and water repellency.

Q² SKIN EVO Topcoat

After applying one or two layers of Q² MOHS EVO, the thick Q² SKIN EVO top coat is applied for extra durability and remarkable water repellency on the paintwork.

Packaging contains:

Q² MOHS EVO 30/50 ml
Q² SKIN EVO 30/50 ml
Q²M Coating Applicator (small)
Maintenance booklet

Basic properties

Average consumption: 30+30ml/car
Hardness: 9H
Contact angle: >120 degrees
pH resistance: 2-11
Layer thickness: 0.2-0.5qm
Durability: up to 50 months/50,000km