Q²M Compound+

Most important features:

  • Effective Scratch Removal: Removes scratches thoroughly and leaves a beautiful finish.
  • Minimal Dust Formation: Produces little dust during polishing.
  • Extra Powerful: Specially designed for harder paints.
  • Water-based Formula: Water-based and free of silicone.
  • High Quality Abrasives: Contains quality Japanese abrasives for excellent performance.


The Gyeon Q²M Compound+ (PLUS) is a high-quality professional compound designed for effective scratch removal and a beautiful finish. This compound contains a large amount of abrasives, produces very little dust and produces a beautiful finish. Q²M Compound+ is slightly more powerful than the standard Q²M Compound and is therefore particularly suitable for harder paints. This compound is silicone-free and formulated on a water basis.


Only suitable for machine use.
Apply the product at a low speed.
Work at a medium speed (depending on the machine used) until the product is completely developed.
Wipe the surface clean with a microfiber cloth.
Use a 1:5 to 1:10 dilution of an Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA) product to inspect the paint.

Additional information

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120ml, 1000ml