Q²M Glass

  • Streak-free and crystal-clear car windows: Provides clear, streak-free car windows.
  • Removes dirt, oil stains and light contamination: Effective cleaning of dirt and oil stains.
  • Does not affect Q² View: Safe to use without damage to the existing Q² View coating.


Gyeon Q²M Glass is the ultimate product for fast, effortless and effective cleaning of all car windows. This formula removes grease and dirt with ease, and provides a streak-free and crystal-clear result. Not only will your car windows be clearer than ever, but Gyeon Q²M Glass is also safe for various interior components, such as leather, vinyl and Alcantara, should some mist get on these surfaces.

The safe and effective properties of Gyeon Q²M Glass are unparalleled. The product not only removes dirt, but also oil stains, light pollution and residues of other products, such as insect removers. When applying Q²M Glass, a pleasant aromatic scent is released, making your cleaning routine even more enjoyable.

Q²M Glass leaves a matte finish on your car windows, which provides a clear and elegant appearance. An important advantage is that this formula can be safely used on previously applied coatings, such as Gyeon Q² View. You can rest assured that the protective properties of your coating will be maintained, while your car windows will maintain their optimal clarity and freshness.

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500ml, 1000ml