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Q²M LeatherWipe EVO 2-pack – 40x40cm

  • Microfiber cloths: specially designed for leather maintenance.
  • Equipped with: a closed loop for easy handling.
  • Perfect visibility: guaranteed by the light color, which makes every detail stand out during cleaning.

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Discover the Q²M LeatherWipe EVO, your gentle and effective companion for leather care!

With its low pile and edgeless design, this cloth is ideal for removing dirt and cleaning agent residues from any type of leather upholstery. But that’s not all – it also works great on Alcantara! Thanks to the ultrasonic cut you get a precise and safe edgeless finish. The Q²M LeatherWipe EVO has been specially developed to keep your leather interior in top condition. It is not only gentle on the leather, but also effortlessly absorbs dirt and stains. Use it to clean and maintain your car seats, sofas or other leather surfaces. This cloth takes leather cleaning to a higher level! Whether you are a car enthusiast who cherishes his beloved vehicle or an interior enthusiast who strives for a luxurious appearance, the Q²M LeatherWipe EVO is your ultimate partner in leather maintenance. Enjoy flawless cleaning and stunning results. Let your leather shine with the Q²M LeatherWipe EVO – the choice for real quality!