Q²M Prep Degreaser

  • Exceptional oil and grease removal: Powerful cleaning for oils and grease.
  • Prepares surfaces for quartz coatings: Preparation for a durable coating.
  • Simplifies the removal of polish residues: Easy removal of residues after polishing.
  • Antistatic effect: Reduces static charge on treated surfaces.


Gyeon Q²M Prep is the ultimate cleaning product for the perfect preparation of surfaces for quartz coatings. Whether it concerns paint, glass or other surfaces, this product guarantees flawless preparation for the application of coatings.

Using Q²M Prep is simple and efficient. It not only removes oil, grease and polish residue from the surface, but also makes wiping with a microfiber cloth easier. This creates a perfectly smooth paint that is ready for the application of a coating. In addition, Q²M Prep offers strong anti-static properties, ensuring that dust does not remain on the treated surface.

Instructions for use: Apply Gyeon Q²M Prep to the surface you want to prepare for coating. Wipe the product evenly with a clean microfiber cloth to effectively remove oil, grease and polish residue. The result is a perfectly prepared surface that is optimally ready for the application of your favorite Gyeon quartz coating.

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500ml, 1000ml