Q²M Preserve

Main features of Gyeon Q²M Preserve:

  • Restore and Protect: This product restores weathered surfaces while providing protection against future damage.
  • Anti-static: Q²M Preserve contains anti-static ingredients to keep surfaces clean for longer through dust repellent.
  • UV protection: It protects against harmful UV rays that can cause discoloration and aging of plastic.
  • Matte Finish: Leaves a matte finish for a natural look on a variety of interior and exterior surfaces.

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Gyeon Q²M Preserve is the ideal solution for restoring, protecting and preserving slightly weathered moldings, rubber and plastic surfaces in and around your car. This versatile product offers a range of benefits in one bottle. It protects against dirt and dust, has anti-static properties to keep surfaces clean for longer, and provides protection against harmful UV rays.

What really sets this product apart is the matte finish it leaves behind. Whether you treat your interior parts, exterior trim, rubbers or plastic parts, Q²M Preserve gives them a neutral finish, without unwanted shine. It creates a transparent layer that preserves the original appearance of the treated surfaces.

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