Repair kit

Features of the iK Repair Kit:

  • Maintenance set for iK Multi, Foam 1.5 and Foam Pro 2 pressure sprayers.
  • Includes replacement seals for optimal performance.
  • Extends the lifespan of your iK pressure sprayer.
  • Prevents leaks and keeps the pressure sprayer in top condition.

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The iK Repair Kit for iK Multi, Foam 1.5 and Foam Pro 2 pressure sprayers is a handy kit with which you can replace the seals of your iK pressure sprayers. By carrying out regular maintenance with this repair kit, you ensure that your iK sprayer remains in optimal condition and continues to perform like new.

This maintenance kit is compatible with the following iK pressure sprayers:

  • iK Multi 1.5 Pressure Sprayer
  • iK Foam 1.5 Pressure sprayer
  • iK Multi Pro 2 Pressure Sprayer
  • iK Foam Pro 2 Pressure Sprayer

Replacing the seals in your pressure sprayer is essential to prevent leaks and ensure that the pressure sprayer continues to function properly. This repair kit contains all the necessary parts to perform this maintenance.

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