Scrub Pad

Why the Scrub Pad?:

  • Powerful Cleaning: Thanks to the strong nylon fibers and the brush-like surface, the Scrub Pad is able to remove even the most stubborn dirt.
  • Dual Use: The gray ‘Pearl Weave’ microfiber side of the pad is ideal for picking up dirt or removing light dirt.
  • Versatile: The Scrub Pad can be used on almost all surfaces in the interior, including plastic surfaces, leather and textiles.
  • Combine with Specific Cleaners: For best results, use the Scrub Pad in combination with special interior or leather cleaners.

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The Scrub Pad from The Collection is the choice for those looking for a powerful cleaning pad to tackle even the most stubborn dirt in the interior. This two-sided microfiber pad combines 100% extra-strong nylon fibers with a brush-like surface to remove dirt from even the smallest corners and edges.

With The Collection’s Scrub Pad in your stock, you are always ready to take on even the biggest cleaning challenges in your car interior. Choose power, choose quality, choose the Scrub Pad from The Collection.

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The Collection


14cm x 10cm


100% Nylon & 80% Polyester / 20% Polyamide