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The Rag Company Ultra Air Spray Applicator Tool

  • Compressed air-operated applicator gun: This tool works with compressed air for efficient application.
  • Applicable for dressings and protective agents: Ideal for applying dressings and products that protect your car.
  • Adjustable Spray Pattern: Provides the ability to adjust the spray pattern to suit your needs.
  • Compatible with water-based products: Suitable for spreading water-based products.

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The Ultra Air Spray Applicator Tool by The Rag Company:

  • Provides a precise and efficient way to apply dressings, coatings, and other protective products to your car.
  • Ideal for both car enthusiasts and professional detailers, this versatile tool features an adjustable spray pattern and is suitable for water-based products.

Key Features:

  • Air gun for applying dressings, coatings, and protective products.
  • Adjustable spray pattern control for precise or wide applications.
  • Durable design with robust metal components. 360° rotatable and equipped with a reinforced suction hose.
  • Suitable for both professionals and hobbyists.


Air consumption: 120L-200L/minute Free rotation speed: 5000-8200 RPM Liquid consumption: 3L-3.7L/hour Operating pressure: 6-8 bar Air connection: 1/4”

Safety tip: Always use a mask or paint respirator when using the Ultra Air Spray Applicator Tool with non-water-based products. Not suitable for silicone-based products. Use only with water-based products.

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