Ultra Soft 500

Features of The Collection Ultra Soft:

  • Unrivaled Thickness: At 500 gsm, The Collection Ultra Soft is one of the thickest microfiber cloths you can find. This translates to an even more luxurious and soft-feeling cloth.
  • Pure Softness: The Ultra Soft is infused with a feeling of pure softness, making it perfect for removing coatings, waxes and polishes without any risk of scratches.
  • High Performance: Whether polishing, interior care, applying sprays or drying small surfaces, this cloth offers excellent performance.
  • Thicker Fibers: Thanks to the thicker fibers, the Ultra Soft is able to retain more dirt and residue, resulting in a more effective cleaning.

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Discover the next dimension of softness and performance with The Collection Ultra Soft 500. With an unrivaled thickness of 500 gsm, this cloth sets a new standard for wiping waxes, polishes and coatings.

With The Collection Ultra Soft you experience a new standard in softness and fabric performance. Give your car the attention it deserves with this high-quality microfiber cloth.

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