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YUM Detailer – Detailer Spray

  • Provides an unparalleled shine: and a super smooth paint surface.
  • Multifunctional use: both for dry and wet paintwork.
  • Aid in the drying process: for a flawless finish.


Yum Detailer

We recommend using Yum Detailer after every single wash for optimal results, unless you plan to update your protection with a specific product. Applying it to the glass after washing yields fantastic results!

Yum Detailer is suitable for the entire exterior, including glass, wheels, and door jambs. It can be used as a drying aid or in the traditional 2-towel method. Its application is straightforward: spray and wipe off.

Drying Aid Tip

Yum Detailer excels as a drying aid during the wet application stages. This is a relatively new concept in the car care industry, where an extra step is added before drying the vehicle.

Normally, you would simply use a dry towel over the entire vehicle after washing, and that would be it. However, now you can apply a drying aid to the vehicle while it’s still wet, prior to making contact with the towel. This adds a microscopic level of smoothness to the panels as you use your drying towel. The result? Reduced damage, faster removal of standing water, and a truly flawless finish.

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