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YumCars Foam – PH Neutral

  • Safe for all paintwork, vinyl and glass surfaces: Suitable for various materials without damage.
  • Maintains existing wax or sealant protection: Prevents deterioration of existing protective layers.
  • Efficient removal: of dirt and deposits for a problem-free rinsing process.


Yumcars Foam

A powerful foaming pre-wash for a chemically perfect and safe contactless treatment. The essential difference in our formula is the significant reduction of lubricants, leading to improved cleaning properties. Safe for colored, vinyl and glass surfaces. Maintains the pH value of 7 and respects existing protections. Emulsifies dirt and grime so it washes away slowly during rinsing.

Yum Foam is based on the vision of maximum raw materials for effective protection without affecting the pH. This product has the advantage that it is not reactivated during rinsing, making additional rinses unnecessary. Thanks to its pH neutrality, Yum Foam does not harm wax layers, sealants or ceramic coatings. It is also safe for engine compartments, tires, trim, rims and alloy wheels.


We always recommend rinsing the vehicle before dissolving Yum Foam to assist in removing subsurface debris. We strongly recommend spraying the lower parts of the vehicle with Yum Citrus first before applying Yum Foam. Pour 100ml-150ml of Yum Foam into Foam Cannon and the remaining 750ml, with water – We find this to be the optimal mixing ratio for best results. Cover the entire vehicle, leave on for 5-10 minutes and rinse, starting from top to bottom. The car can then be washed with Yum Wash.

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