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YumCars Undress – Tire & Rubber Cleaner

  • Undress cleans various surfaces: rubber, plastic and engine compartments.
  • Prepares and improves surfaces: the adhesion of protective coatings or products.
  • The thick gel-like texture ensures: that the product stays on the surface longer for better cleaning.
  • Safe for surfaces without drying out: Cleans thoroughly without drying out or damaging surfaces.


Yumcars Undress

Is much more than just a tire cleaner; it’s a versatile solution suitable for various surfaces, including rubber, plastic, and engine bays. With a thoughtful formulation that penetrates deep into the pores of these materials, Yum Undress is the perfect choice for thorough cleaning and surface preparation before applying finishing touches.

Preparation is crucial before applying dressing. Tires constantly encounter road grime and dirt, requiring cleaning during every wash to remove grease and debris. Use Undress before applying dressing.

Yum Undress features a thick gel consistency that doesn’t run off and stays in place longer. Easy to apply with a generous spray and a Tyre Brush. Use it during every wash to ensure proper adhesion of Yum Dress. This product is designed to be used neat, dilution reduces performance.

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