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YumCars Deodoriser – Lemon Zest – Odor Remover

  • Odor neutralizing formula for effective air freshening
  • Cleans bad odors in vehicles and internal areas
  • Fresh lemony scent that stimulates the senses
  • Long-lasting freshness for the interior
  • Eliminates odors instead of masking them
  • 10x longer effect than conventional air fresheners

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YumCars Yum Deodorizer

Yum Deodoriser: This powerful lemon air freshener eliminates long-lasting bad odors with its natural properties. It works 10 times longer than regular air fresheners and is safe for both car interiors and home use. Easy to use without leaving stains on fabric, carpet or upholstery, providing freshness that lasts for weeks.

How do you use YumCars Yum Deodoriser?
Shake the Yum Deodoriser well before use.
Direct the nozzle at the desired surfaces, such as mats, carpets or fabric chairs.
Press the spray button and distribute the product evenly over the surface.
Allow the product to dry naturally; do not wipe or rinse.
Enjoy the long-lasting lemon scent that lingers for weeks.

Note: Avoid spraying directly onto plastic surfaces to avoid staining.

Features of YumCars Yum Deodoriser:
Long lasting lemon scent
Natural odor removing properties
Works 10x longer than regular air fresheners
Safe for car interiors and home use
Easy to use, without staining fabric or upholstery
Freshness that lasts for weeks