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YumCars Mosmatic – Nozzle Assembly

  • 40° nozzle for excellent all-round coverage
  • Integrated, custom bodywork for a sleek appearance
  • ¼” quick connect plug for easy installation and removal
  • Combine the nozzle with the YumCars spray gunYumCars spray gun

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YumCars Mosmatic – Nozzle Assembly

The improved Yum Cars Mosmatic Nozzle Assembly is a striking upgrade, made from high-quality stainless steel with improved features. The soft, flexible design of the housing ensures safety when used close to your vehicle, while the integrated center piece minimizes interference. The CNC-machined spray mechanism provides a precise 40° fan pattern for optimal cleaning performance.

This Nozzle Assembly fits perfectly on the MTM Hydro SGS28 spray gun and lance V3, as well as other ¼” quick release fittings for gun or lance outlets. Choose the correct orifice size based on your pressure washer model for optimal performance. We are ready to help you with your choice.

How do you use the Yum Cars Mosmatic Nozzle Assembly?
Installation on the MTM Hydro SGS28 Spray Gun: Attach the nozzle assembly using the Quick Release function and ensure that it is securely fastened.
Mounting on the Quick Release 3.0 Lance: Connect the Quick Release 3.0 lance to the MTM Hydro SGS28 Spray Gun and then connect the Mosmatic Nozzle to the end of the Quick Release 3.0 lance.

Features of the Yum Cars Mosmatic Nozzle Assembly:
Easy Attachment: Quick and easy mounting to the Quick Release 3.0 lance and the MTM Hydro SGS28 spray gun.
High-Quality Orifice Size: Critical for optimal performance, tailored to your pressure washer model and cleaning needs.
40° Fan Jet Angle to meet your specific cleaning needs.
With high-quality components and quick connections you can clean safely and efficiently without hassle.