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YumCars Pressol Labels

  • Stylish labels for 750ml Pressol Household bottles, easy to apply
  • Individually cut, satin black finish with gold accents
  • Available individually or as a set of 9 designs
  • Designed for Pressol Household 750ml, not suitable for Pressol Industrial



These stylish labels are designed to stick directly to your 750ml Pressol Household bottles, making it easy to see which bottle is for which product type.

The labels are individually cut and come on their own backing paper so you can easily peel them off and stick them on the bottle.

We’ve created uniform designs in a satin black finish with gold foil accents.

They are available to purchase individually or as a set of all 9 styles.


For best results, apply to a new, unused bottle.
Clean the surface with pure alcohol and a clean microfiber towel.
Stick the label about 0.5 cm below the top of the bottle.
Gently press the label with your thumb and then iron from top to bottom with a microfiber towel.


Designed for Pressol Household 750ml bottles – not suitable for Pressol Industrial.
Available in 9 designs: Ceramic, Detailer, Wheels, Citrus, Undress, Dress V², Glass, Interior and Foam+.



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Interior, Glass, Undress, Citrus, Ceramic, Foam+, Dress v2, Wheels, Detailer, Set 9 stuks