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Polishing compounds and pads

It’s important to note that the polishing process often begins with coarser polishing compounds when there are significant wash scratches or paint defects present. Gradually, you transition to finer polishing compounds to achieve the desired result without unnecessarily removing paint thickness. Always experiment on a small, inconspicuous area before treating the entire surface, adjusting the required polishing pressure and time based on the paint condition. Using the right polishing compounds in the correct sequence is essential for a successful polishing outcome.

Resultaat van grove polijstmiddelen

Coarse polishing compounds and pads

When dealing with severe scratches, paint defects, or heavy oxidation on your car, the use of coarse polishing compounds is essential. Excellent examples of this are the Gyeon Q²M Compound+ or the Menzerna Heavy Cut Compound 400, specifically designed for harder paints, providing effective scratch removal while enhancing the overall appearance of the vehicle.

By combining the polishing compounds with, for instance, the Gyeon Q²M Heavy Cut Eccentric polishing pad, you create a powerful synergy that delivers optimal results in restoring your vehicle’s paint. This combination is indispensable for car enthusiasts aiming for a professional and durable finish.

After using Gyeon Q²M Compound+ or Menzerna Heavy Cut Compound 400, we recommend performing a second step for a finer result on the paintwork, giving the paint a smoother finish.

Medium polishing compounds and pads

When your car is dealing with moderate scratches, paint imperfections, or light oxidation, medium polishing compounds are the ideal choice. Consider products like the Gyeon Q²M Compound and Menzerna Medium Cut Polish 2200, specifically designed to effectively address these issues and restore the gloss.

The corresponding Gyeon Q²M Medium Cut Eccentric polishing pad adds extra precision to the process. Ideal for various paint types, this pad maximizes correction performance. Together, these products create a powerful synergy for car enthusiasts aiming for a professional and durable finish.

Resultaat van medium polijstmiddelen en pads
Resultaat van fijne polijstmiddelen en pads

Fine polishing compounds and pads

If you aim for a paint surface with a high-gloss finish, fine polishing compounds are the solution. This step comes after using coarse and medium polishing compounds and focuses on refining the surface and achieving that beautiful shine.

For example, Gyeon Q²M Polish and Menzerna Final Finish 3000 are powerful polishing compounds designed to create a hologram-free finish and deep gloss. Both products are ideal for removing holograms and other minor paint defects, providing a stunning gloss. Additionally, both products are silicone-free for a clean finish.

Matching these polishing compounds is the Gyeon Q²M Polish Eccentric polishing pad. Made of high-quality durable foam and optimized for use with Dual Action machines, this pad is perfectly suited for applying Q²M Polish or other light and medium polishing compounds.