Q²M Tire Express

  • Very fast water-based tire dressing: Quick to apply, environmentally friendly water-based.
  • Suitable for wet and dry tires: Works effectively in all weather conditions.
  • Includes handy dosing pump: Accurate and easy application without waste.
  • Elegant matte finish: Gives tires a stylish and matte appearance.


The Gyeon Q²M Tire Express is a particularly fast tire dressing that you can use daily. Unlike the Q² Tire, which contains SiO², the Q²M Tire Express is water-based and can therefore be applied to both wet and dry tires.

With the Q²M Tire Express you do not have to actually work the product into the tire, as with the Q² Tire. You simply spread it, let it dry and you’re done. The result is a beautiful matte finish, which always makes your tires look like new.

Discover the convenience and effectiveness of Gyeon Q²M Tire Express for a fast and improved appearance of your tires.

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400ml, 1000ml