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Quick ‘N’ Gloss Quick Detailer

  • Fast and effective restoration of car shine: Restores the shine of your car quickly and effectively.
  • Suitable for light pollution: Ideal for cleaning surfaces with mild pollution.
  • Easy to use: Simple application for effortless cleaning.
  • Compatible with Quick ‘N’ Gloss Microfiber Cloths: Can be used with Quick ‘N’ Gloss Microfiber Cloths for a complete cleaning experience.

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Give your car a quick freshen up with the Quick ‘N’ Gloss Quick Detailer. This detailer quickly and easily restores the shine of your car and is ideal for light pollution. With a quick application you can make your car shine like new again. Use in combination with Quick ‘N’ Gloss microfibre cloths for best results.

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