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YumCars Applicator – 380GSM – 9X11CM

  • Ergonomic design
  • Ultra soft microfibers
  • Safe application
  • Even application

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The Yum Cars Applicator fits perfectly in the hand, without causing cramps or discomfort. The ultra-soft fibers ensure even distribution of products, as if it were a dream. This plush microfiber applicator is a safer choice for applying various protective products, as the risk of paint damage is minimal. Use is simple: apply the product of your choice in even lines and wipe away with one of our special microfibre cloths.

How do I use the Yum Cars Applicator?

  1. Choose your product: Select the product you want to apply to your car, such as wax, polish, sealant, or other protective agent.
  2. Apply the product: Place a small amount of the product on the Yum Cars Applicator. You can do this by dripping directly onto the applicator or by applying some of the product to a clean cloth and then transferring it to the applicator.
  3. To use the applicator: Hold the Yum Cars Applicator firmly in your hand and apply the product evenly to the surface of your car.
  4. Spread the product: Spread the product in even lines and avoid excess pressure to prevent paint damage.
  5. Remove the product: Use soft microfiber cloths to remove the product evenly and wipe off excess product.