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YumCars Citrus – Insect, Road Film Remover

  • Powerful cleaning: for difficult-to-remove contaminants such as dirt, grease and insects.
  • Safe to use: on various surfaces such as paint, door jambs and rubbers without damage
  • Citrus can be diluted: if necessary for lightly soiled cars


Yumcars Citrus

Discover our powerful, concentrated cleaner, specially designed to remove dirt, grease, grime and insect residue from your vehicle and prepare it for the washing process. This precisely developed cleaner not only helps with the pre-wash, but also improves various aspects of the detailing process.

What can Yum Citrus be used on?

It is suitable for various paint finishes, door styles, engine bays, rubbers and more. It can be diluted for lighter cleaning duties.

Tip: For best results, spray liberally over the entire vehicle before applying a thick layer of Yum Foam and allow to absorb.

Dilution Ratio:

Our Citrus pre-wash can be diluted if necessary. For heavily polluted areas we recommend using it neat or diluting it in a 1:1 ratio with water. For light cleaning tasks, you can dilute it further.

Additional safety information:

– Do not use on wrapped vehicles.
– Avoid use in extreme direct sun or do not allow the product to dry on the vehicle at high temperatures.

Why is our Citrus Pre-Wash different from the rest? It’s a completely customized formulation that you won’t find anywhere else.

Additional information

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