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YumCars Paint Towel 330GSM – 40x40cm

  • Ideal: for the safe removal of compound and polish residues
  • Short pile construction: effectively absorbs sticky products easily
  • In combination: for use with dedicated Glass Sealant, Glass✚
  • Suitable: For use with various product types including Detail Sprays

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This Yumcars Paint Towel is specially designed for removing polish and compound residues, which are often sticky and require extra pressure, which can lead to additional damage. Unlike plush microfiber towels, this Paint Towel is made to effortlessly absorb these products, without leaving any fibers behind. A different color scheme makes it easy to distinguish from interior and glass towels, preventing cross-contamination. Wash the towel before first use and follow the care instructions to extend its life.

Maintenance of the Paint Towel

Washing temperature: Maximum 40°C (104°F).
Optimal Laundry Detergent: Yum Cars Microfiber Towel Wash
General detergent: Liquid and non-biological
Avoid fabric softeners, organic detergents and bleaches as they can coat microfibers and reduce performance.