YUM – Wash Pad Small

  • Enrich: your car wash routine with the premium Wash Pad from YumCars.
  • Provides: safe and effective cleaning.
  • Transforms: your car washing experience with high quality.

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YUM – Wash Pad Small

When it comes to wash pads, high-quality microfiber is essential, as most paint swirls and damages occur at this stage. Our wash pads are crafted with soft, high-quality microfibers, which is an absolute requirement. The white microfiber design makes it easy to detect dirt that remains during the washing process, allowing you to easily identify and rinse it out before continuing with washing. This makes our wash pad the safest ever produced.

Enhance your car washing experience by combining this fantastic Wash Pad with Yum Wash.

Washing Tips:

Start with a safe wash by rinsing and pre-washing your vehicle before using the Wash Pad.
Always use a top-down approach when washing, and leave the most soiled parts for last.
Regularly rinse the Wash Pad after each wash using the two-bucket method to remove dirt.