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Yumcars – Ultimate Clean & Shine Bundle -15%

  • Enjoy the ultimate: YumCars Ultimate Clean & Shine Bundle 3.0 with a selection of 14 bottles of 500 ml each.
  • For both: the interior and exterior
  • This bundle: offers the perfect opportunity to try out all YumCars liquid products and give your car a professional treatment.
Original price was: €279.25.Current price is: €238.25.

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This exclusive bundle contains all the YumCars liquid products you need for thorough cleaning and long-lasting protection, both for the interior and exterior of your vehicle.

What’s in the Yumcars Bundle? You will receive 14 bottles of 500 ml, including:

  • Yum Wheels
  • Yum Wash
  • Yum Foam
  • Yum Citrus
  • Yum Undress
  • Yum Dress v²
  • Yum Detailer
  • Yum Ceramic
  • Yum Wax
  • Yum Interior
  • Yum Glass
  • Yum Deodoriser
  • Yum Wheel Foam
  • Yum Foam+

For more information about each product, please view the individual product pages.