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YUM Wash – PH Neutral Shampoo

  • Yum Wash pH Neutral Shampoo: Safe for a variety of surfaces without damage to paintwork.
  • Creates abundant foam: and lubrication for thorough cleaning.
  • Removes traffic film, dirt and other contaminants: without affecting the protective layer.
  • Suitable for Hand Wash and Foam Cannon: Versatile and can be used either by hand or with a foam cannon for easy application.


Yum Wash

Does not dry or damage plastics or rubbers and rinses clean without leaving water stains or streaks. The Yum Wash leaves behind a light scent of strawberry, to give you the most enjoyable and enjoyable experience during your washes.


For the safest possible washing process, rinse the entire vehicle first, then pre-wash the vehicle.


Before any contact washing, use Yum Foam and Yum Citrus to gently remove any dirt on the vehicle and minimize the risk of swirls, scratches or damage to the paint.

Washing phase

Simply fill your bucket half full with water, add 100ml of Yum Wash and fill the rest of your bucket with your pressure washer for an extra foamy thick wash. Dip your wash pad into the bucket and gently wash the vehicle from top to bottom, treating the dirtiest parts last. Always follow the 2 bucket method with Grit Guards to collect dirt and regularly rinse your wash pad after each panel wipe. To apply with a foam cannon, lance or hand sprayer, add 100-150ml of Yum Wash, fill the remainder with water and spray over the entire vehicle, working from top to bottom.

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg



500ml, 5000ml