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YumCars Wheel Foam

  • Special formula for in-depth: cleaning, degreasing and maintenance of wheels
  • Designed for use: with a foam syringe, foam gun or a washing bucket
  • Foam stick time for better results: Foam sticks to the surface for existing time, resulting in systematic cleaning.
  • Safe for Various Surfaces: Can be used safely on various surfaces without causing damage.


Yum Wheel Foam

Introducing Yumcars Wheel Foam, the latest innovation from YumCars! This specialized wheel cleaning formula is designed to treat your wheels with care and meets the highest standards in cleaning, degreasing, and maintenance.

Our vision for Wheel Foam was to create the highest foaming and deep-cleaning properties available, and that’s exactly what we’ve done. This product boasts the longest bonding time in the industry and, combined with a variety of premium cleaners, offers the best lubrication and cleaning properties.

Wheel Foam is exclusively designed to be used via a Foam Cannon application to spread the formulation correctly and evenly onto your wheels, or an iK Foam Pro 2 hand foamer.

While we recommend adding 200 ml of Wheel Foam to every 800 ml of water, there’s a good reason for this, to ensure the right amount of cleaners and raw materials are applied to the wheel for the best results. A premixed reservoir of the foam cannon will last for many weeks!

Foam Cannon Instructions:

Shake well before use.
Fill the Foam Cannon with 200 ml of Wheel Foam and the remaining 800 ml with clean, fresh water.
Rinse the wheel thoroughly with a pressure washer for the best results.
If available, treat the wheel surface and wheel hub with Yum Wheels.
Apply Wheel Foam thoroughly across the entire wheel and wheel arches.
Begin the wheel cleaning process with our Yum Wheels.
Thoroughly rinse the wheel with a pressure washer.
Tip: Also applicable in a bucket with water and wheel brushes.

Additional Safety Information:

Do not allow to dry on any wheel finish.
Ensure the wheel finish feels cool to the touch and never clean immediately after driving, as the wheels may be hot.

Additional information

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