Yum Wheels

  • 2-in-1 formula for rim cleaning and Iron Fallout removal: A versatile product that both cleans rims and effectively removes iron particles.
  • pH-neutral composition safe for paintwork: Safe to use on paintwork without causing damage thanks to the pH-neutral formula.
  • Creates smoothness on wheels for efficient cleaning: Facilitates the cleaning process by creating a smooth surface on the wheels.
  • Deep cleaning of brake dust and contaminants: Penetrates deeply to thoroughly remove brake dust and other contaminants.


Yum Wheels

Offers an advanced, thick gel-like formula that adheres to wheels for excellent cleaning power and effective removal of iron and metallic particles, without running off. Thanks to its rapid color-changing effects, results are visible within a minute, making separate wheel cleaners unnecessary. For extra stubborn contamination, we recommend scrubbing the area with our ultra-soft detailing brushes or Wheel Woolies. Prior to use, rinse the wheels with a pressure washer, and always rinse them after use.

Important safety information:

– Do not allow it to dry on a wheel finish.
– Ensure the wheel finish is cool before starting cleaning, as hot wheels can cause damage.
– Do not dilute; this product is formulated to be used neat.
– When using on paint, avoid direct sunlight.

Yum Wheels provides a simple and effective solution for cleaning every part of your wheels and associated contaminants. With an advanced 2-in-1 formula consisting of two powerful cleaning categories, you get a complete package for cleaning your rims. The non-acidic, pH-neutral composition makes it safe for various surfaces, including paintwork. In addition to surface cleaning, it penetrates deeply to remove even the most stubborn brake dust. Yum Wheels ensures thorough cleaning without damage, making it a perfect choice for alloy wheels, paintwork, and other surfaces.

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