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YumCars Interior Bundle

  • Ultimate YumCars Interior Bundle for a radiant interior.
  • Contains the YumCars Universal Interior Cleaner.
  • Includes YumCars Exfoliator Mitt for thorough cleaning.
  • Complete with YumCars Allround Interior Cloth (40×40 cm) for drying and wiping.

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Discover the ultimate YumCars Interior Bundle, put together to make your interior shine. This bundle includes the YumCars Universal Interior Cleaner, perfect for cleaning all surfaces in your vehicle. In addition, it also contains the YumCars Exfoliator Mitt, a special scrubbing pad for thoroughly cleaning leather and the steering wheel. To conclude, you can use the YumCars Glass for your windows and high-gloss parts, as well as the touchscreen. The YumCars Allround Interior Cloth measuring 40×40 cm is also included in this bundle, ideal for drying and carefully wiping surfaces. With this bundle you ensure a spotlessly clean interior every time.

What is included in the YumCars Interior Bundle?

YUM Interior – Universal Interior Cleaner 500ml 1x
YUM Glass – Glass cleaner 500ml 1x
YUM – Exfollator Mitt – Interior Scrubbing Pad 1x
YumCars – All-round Interior Towel also very nice for windows 2x