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YumCars – Allround Interior Towel 40×40

  • Perfect: for cleaning the interior of your car.
  • Ideal: for streak-free cleaning of glass, leather, plastic and other surfaces.
  • Designed: for versatility and effectiveness in removing dirt and product residue.

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YumCars Interior Towel

Discover the versatility of this delicate interior cloth for your car, such as cleaning glass, leather, plastic, Alcantara and fabric. Cleaning interior surfaces and glass requires a special short microfiber to remove product quickly without leaving lint behind. This cloth with a tight weave construction does exactly that.

Tip: Use the Interior towel with YUM Glass – Glass Cleaner and for the YUM Interior – Universal Interior Cleaner.

Dimensions: 40cm x 40cm.
The short fiber design is soft, absorbent and picks up dirt easily and effectively.
We recommend an absolute minimum of two Interior Cloths for any specific task, one for applying the product to the surface and another clean, dry cloth for wiping. Once a cloth becomes dirty or saturated with product, it should be replaced to prevent transfer to the surface.

Washing instructions

As with anything new, we recommend washing all microfiber cloths straight out of the packaging as they have been treated during the manufacturing and packaging process.