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Why choose Flex polishing machines?

At Clean your Ride, we offer an extensive selection of Flex polishing machines designed to meet all your auto detailing needs. Whether you are a professional detailer or an enthusiastic car lover, our rotary and eccentric polishing machines elevate your polishing experience to the next level.

Exentrische polijstmachine van Flex

Eccentric Polishing Machines

Eccentric polishing machines are effective for removing scratches and correcting paint defects. They provide a safe and even removal of imperfections without the risk of excessive heat buildup seen in rotary machines.

For beginners in auto detailing and polishing, eccentric polishing machines are often easier to handle, with a smaller chance of creating holograms and damaging the paint compared to rotary machines.

The risk of paint burns is significantly lower with eccentric machines compared to rotary variants, making them suitable for sensitive paints and thin paint layers.

For complete car polishing or longer polishing sessions, we recommend the Flex XFE 7-15 150, available in both corded and cordless versions. For smaller surfaces, we suggest the Flex XFE 15 150 18.0-EC C, which operates solely on battery power.

Rotary polishing machines

When the paint of a vehicle exhibits severe scratches, deep paint defects, or oxidation, a rotary polishing machine can be employed for an effective solution. The rotary motion of this machine facilitates more intensive grinding and polishing, allowing for the restoration of the original glossy appearance.

Rotary polishing machines often deliver faster results than eccentric variants, which is particularly advantageous in professional environments where efficiency is essential. Experienced auto detailers can effectively use these machines, for tasks such as removing deeper paint defects.

Nevertheless, caution is advised when using rotary polishing machines, as they are more prone to creating holograms and causing paint burns if not used correctly. Beginners are often advised to start with an eccentric polishing machine, which carries less risk of errors.

In general, the choice between a rotary and eccentric polishing machine depends on the specific needs of the paint and the user’s level of experience.

For rotary polishing machines, we offer two options. A smaller model, the PE 8-4 80, and a larger variant, the PE 14-2 150.

Flex roterende polijstmachine
All-in-one polijstmachine PXE-80-10.8-EC en FS 140 Set

All-in-one polishing machine

The Flex PXE 80 10.8-EC is a convenient and compact cordless polishing machine. This machine combines both rotary and eccentric polishing functionalities, providing flexibility, ease of use, and impressive performance.

To enhance the capabilities of the Flex PXE 80 10.8-EC, we also offer the Flex FS 140 Set. The set includes a flexible shaft with three different polishing cones and is specifically designed for spot repair and precision work in corners and hard-to-reach areas.

If you want to learn more about which polishing agents and pads are compatible with the machines, please check out our detailed page on this topic.