Ultra Soft 350

Features of the Ultra Soft 350 microfiber cloth:

  • Exceptional Softness: The long-haired microfibers of the Ultra Soft 350 provide a delicate touch to your vehicle’s surface, making it ideal for buffing out coatings, waxes and polishes.
  • Multifunctional Use: This cloth is ideal for polishing chrome, metal, glass and mirrors, creating a flawless shine.
  • Interior care: This cloth is also perfect for the interior of your car, for cleaning dashboards, screens and other surfaces.
  • Efficient Detailing: The Ultra Soft 350 is an ideal partner for applying spray wax and detailers, allowing you to maintain a beautiful shine and protection.
  • Small Area Drying: With its high absorbency, this cloth is also perfect for quickly drying small surfaces after washing.

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Give your car the very best care with the high-quality Ultra Soft 350 microfibre cloth from The Collection. Designed with craftsmanship and quality in mind, this cloth offers unparalleled softness for a variety of cleaning tasks.

With the Ultra Soft 350 microfibre cloth from The Collection you can achieve a refined finish for both the exterior and interior of your car. Give your beloved vehicle the treatment it deserves.

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