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YumCars Drying Towel – 1600GSM 70x90cm

  • Highest-quality drying: towel on the market
  • Ideal: to be used with Yum Detailer as a drying agent
  • Extremely water-absorbent: for effortless drying of two large cars
  • Dimensions: 70x90cm
  • Twisted barrel construction: for improved performance

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Yum Cars Drying Towel:
The Yum Cars Drying Towel is a generous 70×90 cm towel, made of high-quality microfibers for safe and effective drying after a wash.

This cloth quickly absorbs water, prevents scratches and provides a streak-free finish, even when drying two large cars.

How do you use the Yum Cars Drying Towel?

  • Optionally apply Yum Detailer to the dry cloth to reduce friction.
  • Place the cloth on the wet surface, pull it towards you and lift to create a
    new part to dry.
  • Repeat until the surface is completely dry.
  • Wash the cloth in the washing machine after each use.


  • Washing temperature: Maximum 40°C (104°F)
  • Use Yum Cars Microfiber Towel Wash for optimal results
  • Avoid fabric softeners, organic detergents and bleaches