YumCars Wax HexGrip

Why the Yum Wax HexGrip?:

  • Comfortable Grip: Our HexGrip features an ergonomic full-size handle on the top, allowing you to work comfortably while waxing your vehicle.
  • Even Coverage: The soft, flat surface of the foam ensures even coverage of the wax product. This means you get great results every time, without spots or streaks.
  • Reusable Foam: The Yum Wax HexGrip is made of durable foam that can be reused again and again. This makes it an eco-friendly choice for your car care routine.
  • Safe and Reliable: We also offer a microfiber applicator in our range of applicators for those looking for an extra safe application. With the Yum Wax HexGrip you know you can rely on consistent and reliable performance.

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With the Yumcars Wax HexGrip series we take car detailing to a whole new level. Our HexGrip products are designed to give your car stunning shine and protection, with the ease of use you’ll love.

Yum Wax HexGrip’s advanced formulas are carefully formulated to safely remove dirt and impurities, while strengthening and protecting your car’s paintwork from harmful elements. The unique hexagonal structure of our HexGrip products ensures even and thorough application, helping you achieve a professional-looking finish even if you are a novice in car detailing.

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