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YumCars Glass+ 50ml – Window Coating

  • Yum Glass+ ensures: crystal clear vision, even in bad weather conditions. It helps repel water, dirt and insects, giving you a better view of the road.
  • Long Lasting Protection: Keeps your glass clean for longer and reduces the frequency of cleaning.
  • Easy Application: Yum Glass+ comes with a handy applicator, making application quick and easy.
  • Perfect Supplement: Use Yum Glass+ in combination with Yum Glass.

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Yum Glass+

At Yumcars, we understand the importance of clear and clean glass for a safe and enjoyable driving experience. That’s why we introduce Glass+, a powerful hydrophobic sealant specially designed to repel dirt and water, allowing dirt and water to easily roll off while driving, even in heavy rain. This results in reduced reliance on windshield wipers and significantly improves road visibility.

Unlike many other glass sealants, Glass✚ is easy to remove and provides sharp hydrophobic and hydrophilic properties.

At speeds above 30km/h, water quickly runs off, reducing the need for frequent use of windshield wipers.


1. Thoroughly clean the glass with our Clay Block and Yum Glass.
2. Apply a few drops of Glass✚ to the included applicator and distribute evenly.
3. Let the product sit briefly and remove it with a generous amount of Yum Glass and a cloth.
4. Apply two coats with a 6-hour interval for optimal protection.

Tip: Maintain your glass with Yum Detailer and Drying Aid Towel after each wash.

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