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YumCars Protection Bundle

  • Yum Ceramic: Long-lasting ceramic paint protection
  • Yum Wax: Added shine and protection
  • Yum Detailer: Versatile product for cleaning and maintenance
  • Foam+: Standalone protection or as a top layer for ceramic coatings, sealants and waxes

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Our Protection Bundle is safe to use on paint, glass, chrome and trim. Always wash your vehicle before applying any protective products. For maximum durability, we recommend performing a thorough decontamination wash with a Clay Block treatment to remove surface contaminants.

Yum Detailer is our most versatile product, ideal as a lubricant with a Clay Block to remove dust, light dirt and fingerprints. It enhances the protection of your vehicle and can serve as a standalone gloss enhancer, wax top coat, drying aid or waterless wax (as needed).


In what order should I apply the products?
Start with the most durable protective product: Yum Ceramic, followed by Yum Wax and then Yum Detailer.

How long should I wait before applying Yum Wax over Yum Ceramic?
For best results, wait 12 hours after applying Yum Ceramic before applying Yum Wax.

Do I need to apply all 3 products after every wash?
For maintenance washes, use Yum Detailer as a drying aid. Yum Ceramic offers longer protection and therefore does not need to be applied every time. You can reapply Yum Ceramic or Yum Wax as needed based on decreasing protection properties.

How long does Yum Ceramic last?
On a properly prepared vehicle, Yum Ceramic can last up to 6 months. By combining it with Yum Detailer during maintenance washes, you ensure unsurpassed protection.

I don’t have a ceramic coated vehicle, is Yum Ceramic still useful?
Yum Ceramic creates a smooth layer of paint protection, suitable as a standalone sealant or to extend existing ceramic protection on both coated and uncoated vehicles.

Finally, our latest innovation, Foam+, provides standalone protection or can be used on top of stronger products such as ceramic coatings, sealants and waxes.