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YumCars Wash MF Microfiber – Towel Wash – Cherry scent

  • Designed to breathe new life into dirty microfiber towels
  • Provides ultimate deep cleaning that is 100% safe
  • Special blend of cleaning agents emulsifies protective products, such as waxes and sealants
  • Resulting in softer and brighter microfibers
  • Contains a unique combination of cleaning agents


YumCars Yum Wash MF

Extend the life of your microfiber cloths and ensure a safe wash with Yum Wash MF. Good maintenance is essential to prevent paint damage, which is often caused by poor quality microfiber cloths. Dirt can build up in the fibers and become trapped over time, leading to paint problems such as streaks on glass. Carefully washing your microfibers can help them last for years.

Yum Wash MF is specially designed to remove the hydrophobic properties that spray sealants and waxes leave in the fibers of your cloths. The handy 1-liter bottle makes accurate dosing easy and prevents overuse. You can measure the required amount with the side cup of the dosing bottle and add it to your washing machine.

How do I use YumCars Yum Wash MF?
1. Use 30 ml for lightly soiled cloths and 60 ml for larger, dirty laundry.
2. Measure the dosage into the side cup of the bottle and add it to the washing machine.
3. For extremely dirty cloths, soak in Yum Wash MF and warm water before washing.
4. Always wash microfibers at a maximum temperature of 40°C.
5. Dry the microfiber cloths on a low setting or allow them to air dry for best results.

Features of YumCars Yum Wash MF:
– Prevents paint damage
– Removes hydrophobic properties
– Accurate dosing with 1-liter bottle
– Recommended dosage: 30 ml for lightly soiled, 60 ml for larger laundry
– Safe and thorough cleaning
– For extremely dirty cloths, soak in Yum Wash MF and warm water
– Recommended drying method: low setting dryer or air dry
– Extends the life and maintains optimal performance of microfiber cloths

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