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Foam Care Kit

  • iK Foam Pro 2 Hand Foamer: professional hand foamer for effective cleaning
  • YumCars Foam: special pre-wash formulation for safe and perfect contactless treatment

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Foam Care Kit

Ik Foam Sprayer Pro

  • Professional hand foamer for effective cleaning.
  • Contents of 1250 ml with handy graduations.
  • Color coded caps and spare filters for product identification.
  • Three nozzles for adjusting the foam quantity

YumCars Foam

  • Special pre-wash formulation for a chemically perfect and safe contactless treatment.
  • Reduces certain lubricants to increase cleaning properties.
  • Safe for painted, vinyl and glass surfaces.
  • Does not remove existing wax or sealant protection.
  • Emulsifies dirt and grime, allowing it to be gently removed from the surface during the rinsing phase.